Haus und Garten
Haus und Garten17
Haus und Garten28
Haus und Garten01
Haus und Garten20
Reportagefotografie Ostholstein02
Haus und Garten25
Reportagefotografie Ostholstein01
Haus und Garten29
Haus und Garten19
Haus und Garten23
Haus und Garten24
Haus und Garten22
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Familienfotografie Schleswig Holstein08
Portraitfotografie Ostsee
Reportagefotografie Ostholstein03
Reportagefotografie Ostholstein04
Haus und Garten09
Haus und Garten02
Haus und Garten15
Reportagefotografie Ostholstein51
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Reportagefotografie Ostholstein43
Haus und Garten10
Haus und Garten27


Your home and garden, photographed in the style of magazine articles and presented in a beautiful 42cm x 28cm A3 landscape panorama photo book. Pure luxury as a present, a wonderful memory for children and grandchildren or the crowning glory of a new building- or garden project.


A Home & Garden shoot begins bright and early in the morning catching the soft light on the delicate flowers and plants in your garden. We spend the middle of the day in the house bringing out the best in each room. When the golden light of the afternoon basks your property in a warm glow it is time for more outdoor shots, capturing the whole house as well as more lovely garden images. With the arrival of blue hour later in the evening we can finish the day with some stunning architectural night-time shots.


Part of the Home & Garden service is an extra date, which is part of the plan from the beginning, in case it rains heavily on your first choice date.  


Your final album is a stunning compilation of architectural and garden images, interspersed with beautiful details, plant portraits and artistic images. 



"The album is simply stunning.
The incredible detail in the images and your loving presentation have made this a truly special memory.
Thank you!"

© Copyright JEANNE FEE Photography
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