Food Fotografie Schleswig-Holstein27
Food Fotografie Schleswig-Holstein30
Food Fotografie Ostsee3
Food Fotografie Ostsee2
Food Fotografie Ostsee1
Food Fotografie Ostsee4
Food Fotografie Schleswig-Holstein01
Werbefotografie Schleswig-Holstein 01
Foodfotografie Schleswig-Holstein 001
Werbefotografie Schleswig-Holstein
Foodfotografie Schleswig-Holstein 002
Food Fotografie Schleswig-Holstein23
Food Fotografie Schleswig-Holstein05
Food Fotografie Schleswig-Holstein25
Food Fotografie Schleswig-Holstein12
Food Fotografie Schleswig-Holstein19
Food Fotografie Schleswig-Holstein15
Food Fotografie Schleswig-Holstein14
Food Fotografie Schleswig-Holstein13
Food Fotografie Ostsee6
Foodfotografie Schleswig-Holstein 005
Foodfotografie Schleswig-Holstein 004
Foodfotografie Schleswig-Holstein 007
Werbefotografie Schleswig-Holstein 05
Food Fotografie Schleswig-Holstein24
Food Fotografie Schleswig-Holstein31
Food Fotografie Schleswig-Holstein29
Food Fotografie Schleswig-Holstein28


Fresh, contemporary and vibrant food photography for restaurants, cafe's, publications, books or small businesses.

Nothing is more satisfying than seeing your own creations in print! I am happy to work with you on your project. We can create a cookbook, images for a food blog or for your website together. My food photography is based on using delicious fresh ingredients and light. Nothing else. The days of artificial food and complicated photography are gone. Apparently, according to my customers, a food shoot is great fun!

For a commercial food shoot, you can book me at my usual commercial rates, by the hour or a half-/ full day. For a publishing collaboration please contact me, we could create something new together!

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