Depending on the intended use of the picture, a portrait has to communicate much in a single image. The masters of old eloquently communicated their subjects' status, lifestyle and story as well as their character and state of mind in one single painting. Although I paint with light rather than oils, my objective is still the same. Each person and each family has something that defines them, matters to them and makes them remarkable. It is this distinguishing quality that I seek in my portrait and family shoots. 

Before we start, we spend time talking about your hopes and ideas for your shoot. At this point is is good to think about the purpose of the images and the final product you would like to create. The process for creating a few single perfect images, designed to be printed on canvas, framed and hung as a stand out portrait is entirely different from producing a light and airy storybook album, filled with natural lifestyle editorial pictures, showing you all having fun together. 

The shoot itself takes about 2 hours and can be on location or in the comfort of your own home. Don't worry about what to wear or what to bring, we can discuss all your questions when we plan your shoot.