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A newborn photo shoot takes place in the calm of your own home. We have two or three hours in which you cuddle, feed, change and cuddle your beautiful baby some more and I take photographs. Creating natural images full of warmth and love. I like to take a good mixture of candid documentary photographs as well as some lightly posed images keeping picture frames, birth announcements and thank-you cards in mind. You will have a wonderful collection of images to remember the magic of the first few days with a brand new person. 


I do have a few blankets and props I can bring along, but I prefer to use what I find in your house. There are many colourful images of babies in stylish hats and elaborate set ups to be found online. As images in themselves they look appealing but when the baby in the image is your own I prefer to put an emphasis on a personal connection.  A baby in a generic blanket in a random basket in front of a fake background is a photo model. A baby wrapped in the blanket knitted by granny, placed in Mum's old washing basket in front of the antique dining room door of your beloved family home is a memory. Both images are posed, both images might look quite similar but conceptually they are exact opposites. 


The best time for newborn photography is during the first 14 days of life. For older babies it is nice when they are able to sit up. Especially during the summer months it is worth booking your shoot well in advance. We can firm up the exact date once your baby is born.


For pictures of your baby bump there are countless options. We can plan anything from a casual walk on the beach to a studio lit nude portrait session. In a phone call we talk about your ideas and then make them happen together.

To make a special memory from your photos I offer an album service and a hand-made keepsake box filled to the brim with your beautiful images.

The pictures are unbelievably beautiful. Full of love…"

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