"We need images for our website." This is one of the most common requests at JEANNE FEE. Hardly surprising of course, a fresh, current and representative internet presence is an integral part of any successful business.


While large corporations don't have to think twice about the need for a professional online presence, small businesses can often struggle with the idea of engaging a photographer. But it need not be an intimidating or expensive enterprise. With the right ideas, we can produce great results quite simply and especially small businesses can benefit from a high end representation.


You can book your commercial shoot per hour or as a half- or full day. Because I work to create a specific set of images for you, we spend time talking about your business and your vision for the result of the shoot. If you are working with a designer or an existing format of website or printed material we take the sizing and placing of our images into account. If you don't yet know what you want or need, don't worry. We can work on a concept together, until you are happy that we will communicate your brand to its full potential.


Whatever your project, I am happy to come on board and work with you. I look forward to hearing from you!